Monday, May 10, 2010

Who are we?

We are selection of students of architecture from different European, and some non European countries. We are taking part right now in SESAM010 Istanbul. There are 4 different workshop in this event, and we participate in the construction one.

This is just part of us, we will take a funiest one together for the end of workshop :)

Our tutors are Frederik De Smedt, Alper Derinbogaz, Salih kucuktuna & kamil Kaptan.

And our names are:
Francisco Javier Rodriguez Perez
Charis Baskozos
Ralitsa Stoynova
Lyuba Stoimenova
Karolina Przybyla
Benjamin Rancic
Avershima Iyortyer
Gaitanopoulos Nikolaos
Kaldis Georgios
Dina Leonova
Carlos Valderrama Lozano
Lina Rulinskaya
Luis Hilti
Oguzhan Aydin
Zana Llonçari
Rrita Pula
Sofia Badeka
Miguel Zapatero Coomonte

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