Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4th day Pictures

You can already check the photos of the last day in our Flickr account.

4th and last day we where needing to finish the installation and make the presentation video to saw the work. We moved then to the site and start to develop the pavilion in-situ in order to finish.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Final video presentation

Here it's the final Video we prepared for the presentation at the end of SESAM. We where needing to finish for that time and video finish nearly at the same time than our pavilion, because of that we cannot see complete finish image of the work. Anyway we will load some images in further time.

Sesam Proto Beanstalk workshop from Miguel Zapatero Coomonte on Vimeo.

3rd day photos

After some time in order to recover all my energy from the workshop I loaded the second third day photos on "our Flikcr acount".

After developing first and second day some ideas with our brain storm for to find a mechanical system we finally select two of them for to develop the pavilions. On this third day then we start developing the production as a real factory in order to produce the units will build our final work.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1st day photos on Flickr

Already upload photos from the first day on "our Flickr" account. You can also go our acount clicking on flickr icon in our page.

For the people didn't participate in the workshop just say that first day the Tutors bought some visit cards and material and told us to try to create a structural or mechanical system as research for the final pavilion. This step in our workshop was really important for the fact that this brain storm give us multiple great ideas. Because of that we exhibit also hour first days jobs beside our pavilions.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Proto *Beamstalk "The Workshop"

This workshop its "An architectural fairtale" and will engange the conceptual and technical domain of parametric design by introducing participants to systemic processes capable of registering and responding to a range of diverse ecologic criteria.

We will develop spatial, structural and material realizations of various beanstalks.

Emphasis will be placed on workflows that utilize constraint-based design, associative modeling techniques, and environmental influencers to discover novel and inventive design solutions as well as digital fabrication technics.

Who are we?

We are selection of students of architecture from different European, and some non European countries. We are taking part right now in SESAM010 Istanbul. There are 4 different workshop in this event, and we participate in the construction one.

This is just part of us, we will take a funiest one together for the end of workshop :)

Our tutors are Frederik De Smedt, Alper Derinbogaz, Salih kucuktuna & kamil Kaptan.

And our names are:
Francisco Javier Rodriguez Perez
Charis Baskozos
Ralitsa Stoynova
Lyuba Stoimenova
Karolina Przybyla
Benjamin Rancic
Avershima Iyortyer
Gaitanopoulos Nikolaos
Kaldis Georgios
Dina Leonova
Carlos Valderrama Lozano
Lina Rulinskaya
Luis Hilti
Oguzhan Aydin
Zana Llonçari
Rrita Pula
Sofia Badeka
Miguel Zapatero Coomonte

Jack and the Proto *Beamstalk Workshop. "The poster"

Taking place right now at Taskisla Campus in Istambul Turkey from 5th -12 May. We are just working on this stuff right now.